Madison Originals presented us with the opportunity to appear on the NBC 15 morning show and talk about our menu. We had recently launched a brand new breakfast menu, so this was a perfect opportunity to showcase our new offerings at a very cost effective rate - FREE! Without our Madison Originals membership it would've been very unlikely we'd have the opportunity to appear on NBC 15.

Zach Chapman
Marketing Director
Ian's Pizza

Our restaurant has been around since 1972, and truly is a Madison Original, so it only made sense to join Madison Originals! We joined for the exposure MO gives our restaurant and to meet like-minded restaurateurs. MO continues to exceed our expectations. We're constantly given great publicity via TV news opportunities, print, social media shout outs and more, we get opportunities to partake in great local events, there are business and legal learning seminars, and our personal favorite perk - through MO we're surrounded by other restaurant people who work as hard as we do, love the industry, completely understand the frustrations and who are more than willing to lend you a hand or an ear and offer real advice. Madison Originals is gold and you should join, too!

Erin and Dimitri Vranas
Third generation owners of Parthenon Gyros
316 State Street, Madison